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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Make assorted stamps and washable ink stamp pad at Home

I am totally inspired by stamps and stamping activity, I see everyday on Pinterest and other Craft blog.
Stamping is fun activity for all ages of kids and adult alike.
I decided to try make some stamps at home by using a cardboard bags and some fun foam shapes and letters. I also added a homemade washable ink stamp pad by using tempera paints and a sponge. These are all made from handy material you can find at home.
Firstly, for the stamps
You will need-
Soft cardboard shopping bag ( The one I used for this is extremely colorful)
Stapler with pins
Foam shapes ( Available locally worldwide. People in India can find it online at Itsy Bitsy craft store)
Cut long strips from the cardboard bag.
 Form a triangular shape with a flat base and staple the ends. Tip: Its better to make the flat end as per the width of the foam shape. This will make the stamping easier.

 Paste the foam shapes onto the flat surface.
 Here is the look that how it will look when stamped onto the paper. Another way of making it is at Vanessa's Values. She had made stamps at home by pasting foam animals to the end of bottle caps.If you have ink stamp pads at home, they can work just fine with the homemade stamps. But If you want to make a multicolor stamp pad at home which is washable too, read the next section.

Making Washable paint stamp pads at home

 I tried stamping it with regular tempera paint and the impressions were not very clear. So I googled it and found this technique by  Belinda Mooney.
Here is what you need
a Sponge
a square box with lid
tempera paint
white craft glue
a bowl

In a bowl, Mix 3 tablespoon of tempera paint with tablespoon of the white craft glue. Cut the sponge to fit exactly into the square box. here is a box that I used with 4 compartments that I have used for making different color pads.
 Now pour the mixture on to the sponge and leave it to get complete soaked in by the color. Keep the lid on , when not in use. You can add few drops of water if it dries.
 Stamp away!


  1. im gonna find you that sponge, dont u material u have already

  2. Great idea, mansi. We love stamping and will try this. Itsy Bitsy is so handy.

  3. What a great idea - We've done printing with some foam shapes on a roller but I haven't made any stamps yet must try this.

    Thank you for linking to Made with Love

    1. Thanks Rainy day mum. Your blog is very inspiring

  4. Very cool. What does the glue do to help?

  5. Looks good. Am going to give it a go. Didn't think of adding PVA glue.


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