Monday, April 20, 2015

Designing a dress with rose petal

Few days back we visited a popular mall in Mumbai. The spring displays in the mall were impressive. the mannequins were dressed with beautiful carnations. It was like a fairy dream.
On my birthday, I was gifted with a boutique of flowers with some lovely roses. Since its summer here. The roses would not last for more than two days. On the second day, we plucked out the flowers from the boutique and gathered the petals. I cut out a female figure from whatever we could find on that day's newspaper. Inspired by the beautiful mannequins we saw the other day. We pasted flower petals onto the figure to create a floral dress! I could not photograph it well. But the idea strike the cord and I wanted to share it on my blog with you all.


Magazine cutout
Rose petals( any other flower petal will do)

Use your imagination and create beautiful floral dresses for the ladies.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Wax paper+ oil pastels suncatchers

Today, I am sharing an absolutely gorgeous sun-catcher tutorial with you all. The technique is so easy and yet the results are outstanding.

You only need two things to make these breathtaking sun-catchers.
Wax papers
Oil pastels

Both these items are easily available at all stationery stores. Wax paper is a miracle craft supply. its translucent quality makes it even more charming. It can be used for tracing, ironing crafts like fusible beads,making the sun-catcher etc. Windows can be adored with your kids abstract art using this technique.

Age recommendation: Age- 3+ however coloring on wax paper is tricky so I would ideally suggest suitable age 5+

Use your favorite subject and color in oil pastels directly over the wax paper. you can use clips/ masking tape to hold the paper in place. Use black outlines with oil pastels for stain glass like effect.
Remember to color the background too.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Summer reading with kids (4-8 years) on Kindle

It’s that time of the year when the house gets chirpy again, not just with the singing of birds but your kids. Away from school for two months, your kids are all set to make the most out of their holidays. You can take them for a small vacation, enroll them for a summer camp and that all imperative drawing class, but well, there’s still so much time to kill!

Worried about how to keep them occupied and teach them something new at the same time? Unsure of how friendly the internet is for young curious minds? You know they love technology and cool gizmos, so can you use that to your advantage and teach them something valuable?

 About Kindle-

Kindle, Amazon’s eBook reader, is the most advanced and easy-to-use reading device that can keep your kids occupied all day. With special parenting controls, you decide what your kids can download and read. What’s more? Kindle has created a special reading list for kids this summer. From classics like Alice in Wonderland to Abraham Lincoln’s autobiography, there is something for kids of all age groups. Click here to see the top 50 books for your kids this season!”

I have compiled a list of my favorite kindle books with links to get you started with summer reading with your kids(4-8 years).

Illustrated books (Picture books):

1. Sita: An illustrated retelling of Ramayana

2. Pancharatna 51 short stories (illustrated)

3. Alice in Wonderland (illustrated)

Non-illustrated books:

1. Malgudi Days

2. Aesop’s Fables

3. 99 Riddles for Kids

4. Grandma’s Bag of Stories

5. 50 Wittiest Tales of Birbal

6. The Jungle Book

7. Brain Teasers: 50 + Puzzles for Kids

8. Hans Andersen’s Fairy Tales

9. Grimms’ Fairy Tales

10. Black Beauty

11. Five On A Treasure Island (Famous Five)

12. From Swami and Friends

13. Alladin & The Magic Lamp

14. The Magic Faraway Tree Collection

15. The Little Prince

(This post contains affiliate links. If you purchase any of these products through this link. I will be entitled to a commission. )

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Book Review: My Little Body Book – Keeping Ourselves Safe by Shruti

"My little Body Book- Keeping ourselves Safe" educates kids and parents about ‘good touch’ and ‘bad touch’. It is a delightful picture book which introduces young children the importance of taking care of their bodies. It touches the very trivial issue of our time- the safety of our kids. 

The Background-
Today children as young as three are subject to sexual abuse. As parents we are clueless how to protect our kids from these malicious minds. They are too young to understand and we don't have a the right medium to introduce them to appropriate touch and accessing danger. 
Recently, one 6 year old was abused by schools sports teacher during the school hours, at the school premises. It shocked us as parents. I was searching for videos, content to teach my 6 year old about  " good touch bad touch". When the publication approached me to review the " My little Body Book- Keeping ourselves Safe" book by Shruti Singhal. I was very excited. Finally I found a book which addresses the issue of child sexual abuse and demands the introduction of sex education among children.

A word from the Author- 

 My little Body Book- Keeping ourselves Safe" is written by Shruti Singhal, an alumni of Pearl Academy and published by  Zubaan Books.  Quoting from the author- " Using the correct terms for private parts just as easily and naturally as you would use the words for other parts of the body, while bathing the child for example, can help to break down the barriers and to promote a healthy attitude towards the body as whole, free of shame or embarrassment."

Our review- 

My kids aged 6 and 2, found the book to be very attractive. The cute illustrations got them really interested in the book. Even my 2 year old pointed out at some pictures like cars, bubbles etc used to engage kids. My Six year old read it out to the little brother. I think the author has done a great job in presenting a taboo topic in a very easily understandable way. The book acts as a conversation starter for daily issues like- hygiene, appropriate greetings, safe touch, acting in a danger situation. As we read each page, me and my daughter discussed these very facts. I would recommend this book as a read aloud or read together book catering to all young children 3-7 years. I think that "My little Body Book- Keeping ourselves Safe" is a wonderful books for concerned parents like me. I would recommend this lovely picture book to all readers with young children. 

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Pond small world play

This pond small world way is excellent for summers. We have also used a commonly available ingredient from kitchen to make edible water beads which looks like tiny frog eggs.
You can make two version of this easy pond small world.
One is with water and other with edible water beads.

Version one-
Tiny frogs from toys
Foam sheets to make floating leaves.
Ice ( optional)
A round or rectangular container.

Version two-
Frog toys
Foam sheets to make floating leaves
And magic water beads( all about them in this post)

The edible water beads- Any Indian household will have these or you can easily source them from local Indian store. These are called Sabja seeds(chia seeds). They are tiny black seeds which when summerged in water get a gelatinous Coting. They expand and can be colored with food colors.

These are safe for kids under 3. Even if they eat them. Its perfectly healthy. In fact they are used as egg substitutes, by people on diet and in India they are used in desserts and drinks.

So enjoy pouring, plays, filtering them in this tub.
Happy summertime.


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