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About me

I am a mother of a three years old who as any other preschooler of her age is- dynamic, inquisitive and very creative. She loves bossing around and is always looking for company to play her imaginary games.
There are so many things, we can teach our kids everyday. The learnings which will go a long way...
I feel amazed by creative insinct of young kids and feel fascinated by the freedom of imagination.

As for me, I balance lots of things and try to squeeze them into a 24hour day. I am a businesswoman, a wife , mother and an avid reader. I read a lot of parenting ideas, activities and other business related blogs, books and journals.

Parenting is my passion and spending quality time with my daughter Miheeka are my most favorite hours of the day.

As I write more of this blog, I hope to discover new things about me and share with you all. For now I feel I need more experience of blogging.

Thanks for reading.

Mansi Shankar

Experimenting Mom


  1. Hi Fairy Gardener,
    Congrats on your gorgeous Fairy Garden winning the 2012 Fairy Garden Contest on The Magic Onions. We had over 150 beautiful gardens to choose from and your's was definitely one of our favorites :-)
    I'm sorry I'm a little behind in getting your prize out to you. I know you might have contacted me about it in the past week or two, but I've seemed to have lost the addresses I had gathered for the winners, so would you mind sending me your address again :: vined@ymail(dot)com - please can you title your email " Fairy Garden Winner - Mama West Wind"
    Thanks so much in joining in the fun... I hope to have you enter again next year :-)
    Blessings and magic,

  2. Good to have known your blog Mansi, your daughter and mine are probably then almost the same age, Zoey turns 3 this october :)

  3. Hi Mansi,

    Just chanced upon your blog, and really love it! You have so many creative ideas to do with your daughter, I must try some of it soon! Thanks very much for sharing!

  4. nice blogs and I MISS MY CHILDHOOD :) ;)...


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